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Selig Brodetsky memorial lecture – new series

The Selig Brodetsky Memorial Lecture series was revived by Professor Geoffrey Cantor. It is now organised by a committee representing the subject areas of History and Philosophy of Science Jewish Studies, Mathematics, and Computing.



Original Series: a link to the archival holdings, including manuscript and boxed copies, can be found here:

1) 1959: Eliahu Elath: Hebrew and the Jewish renaissance

2) 1960 Morris Ginsberg (Emeritus Professor of Sociology in the University of London): Nationalism: A reappraisal

3) 1961

4) 1962 Edwin H. Samuel: Britain’s Legacy to Israel

5) 1963 Louis Rosenhead (Professor of Applied Mathematics in the University of Liverpool): Professor Selig Brodetsky : scholar, dreamer, man of action

6) 1964 James Parkes (Director of the Parkes Library): The new face of Israel

7) 1966 M.James Lighthill (Royal Society Research Professor, Imperial College of Science and Technology): Waves in liquids and gases

8) 1967 S. Levenberg: European Jewry today

9) 1967 Issac Berenblum (Jack Cotton Professor of Cancer Research and Head of the Department of Experimental Biology, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel): The use of the scientific method in bio-medical research : the ninth Selig Brodetsky memorial lecture


11) 1970 Cornelius Lanczos (Professor Emeritus , Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies): Judaism and Science



14) 1973 Sydney Goldstein (Harvard University): Views on the meaning of Zionism and of applied mathematics fifty years ago and now

15) 1973 The Rt. Hon. The Lord Ritchie-Calder (Senior Fellow, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, California, and formerly Montague Burton Professor of International Relations, Edinburgh University), The Internationalist in the World of Nationalism, 14 May 1973

16) 1975

17) 1976 The Rt. Hon. The Lord Fisher of Camden: Brodetsky – Leader of the Anglo-Jewish Community, 17 May 1976

18) 1977 T. G. Cowling (Emeritus Professor of Applied Mathematics in the University of Leeds), Isaac Newton and Astrology, 16 May 1977 T. G. Cowling: Isaac Newton and Astrology


20) 1979 J. A. Wheeler (Ashbel Smith Professor and Director of the Center for Theoretical Physics of the University of Texas at Austin, and Joseph Henry Professor of Physics Emeritus at Princeton), Albert Einstein: His Strength and His Struggle, 8 May 1979 click on publication details for library catalogue entry (published 1980)

21) Eric Moonman (formerly Labour MP for Basildon, and a Director of the Group Relations Educational Trust), EEC Policy in Relation to the Middle East, Israel and Matters Concerning Jews, 19 May 1980

22) Shlomo Argov (Israeli Ambassador to Great Britain), Europe and Arab-Israeli Peacemaking: A Critique, 18 May 1981

23) Professor Leon Mestel (Professor of Anatomy at the University of Sussex), Astronomy – A Mirror to Physics, May 1982

24) The Honorable Terence Prittie (editor of Britain and Israel), Whose Jerusalem?, 16 May 1983

25) Emeritus Professor H L Price (Professor of Mathematics for Applied Science at Leeds 19641982), Brodetsky: His Work, and How We Coped without Computers, 14 May 1984

26) The Hon. Greville Janner MP (President of the Commonwealth Jewish Council and Labour MP for Leicester West), Race Discrimination and the Law – A Jewish Dimension, 21 May 1985

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