Centre for Jewish Studies

Who are we?

The Centre for Jewish Studies is a transdisciplinary research centre at the University of Leeds. It was set up in 1995 to continue the Jewish Studies legacy of the Department of Semitic Studies, and to build bridges with a number of Arts disciplines by means of the interdisciplinary Montague Burton Fellow in Jewish Studies. The Centre houses two main branches: a research centre for Jewish visual and cultural studies, and the project Antisemitism in Contemporary Culture, supported by the Stanley and Audrey Burton Trust.

Members of the Centre:

Dr Nina Collins (Theology and Religious Studies/Language Centre, emerita)

Dr Alan Craig (POLIS)

Dr Eva Frojmovic (FAHACS)

Dr Valerie Mainz (FAHACS)

Dr Simon Muir (Music)

Prof. Griselda Pollock (FAHACS)

Dr Jay Prosser (English)

Prof. Max Silverman (French)

Dr Claudia Sternberg (FAHACS)

Dr Johanna Stiebert (Theology and Religious Studies)

Dr Judith Tucker (Design)


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